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​​The Holy Bible contains the word of God. It has different disciplines such as history, science, law, narrations, fictions, poetry, letters, prophesies, etc… It narrates the creation of the universe, the origin of mankind in the Garden of Eden, the fall of human beings due to sin and being out of fellowship with God. It describes the promise of the Messiah, who would restore mankind’s relationship with God, and the declaration concerning Jesus Christ and his second coming.

Sometimes you may be seeking a practical method for studying the Bible, or you tried to start reading the Bible, but discontinued. Don’t worry, because you still have a chance to start a new beginning. In one sense, reading and studying are different, even though reading the Bible is necessary for studying the Bible. Read the Bible lovingly (Ps.119:47-48), reverently (Ps.119:120), prayerfully (Ps.119:18), meditatively (Ps. 119:48), systematically (Ps.119:97, and daily (Ps.1:2). It can transform your life in better ways; it gives you comfort and peace of mind; it helps you toward a pure and holy life, it gives hope and meaning for your life.

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Dr. Prasad M. George

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